Information on this page is subject to change without notice. It's the responsibility of everyone to verify info with the VAFB Conservation Office.

In charge...

Officer Wayne V. Moses
Conservation Law Enforcement Office (CLEO)
30th Security Forces Squadron/S3WS

 (805) 606-6804



0900 – 1000 hours and 1500 – 1600 hours

Located on South Dakota Ave.
( Between the theater and dental clinic.)

MAP GPS Location 34.744369,-120.540496

VAFB Hunting & Fishing Regulation

Privately Owned Firearms Directive

Animal Waste

Animal waste, such as hides, heads and legs, have been found disposed improperly. All animal waste MUST BE BAGGED and disposed in waste containers located on the south side of building 1521 (next to the store). DO NOT put bagged animal waste in any other container such as those near the range which is for range waste only.


Urgent News...

Current Hunting Zones

North Base: A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, C2, C3
South Base: A4, A5, B5, B6, C4, C5

You may move freely throughout the hunting districts within your assigned Hunting Zone. Configure/transport firearms accordingly to the hunting area you are in. 30SWI321-218, chapter 7 still applies.

11/22/2016 - Recreation and MWR activities in the VAFB cantonment area, to include Rod and Gun and Wall Beach (no plover restriction), are open.

Effectively immediately, recreational activities on North and South base are open. Recreational areas on South Base that require reservations (Boat House, camping at Boat House dock, etc) will reopen effective 1 December 2016. Personnel with existing December reservations at those facilities will be honored. Hunting and fishing in the approved designated areas may also resume. Deer hunting season will be extended to 27 November. Any questions concerning hunting and fishing, please contact 30 SFS Conservation at 606-6804.

Vandenberg AFB WILL ALLOW lead ammunition to take dove, quail, and snipe this season.

Recreation Closures

District C1 closed indefinitely.

Conservation Law Enforcement will be closed on 24-25 December and 31 December - 1 January 2017. 
All outdoor recreation will continue during the closure. 

Please monitor our Facebook page for the most current updates.


Don't Forget...

To grab the documents you'll need for hunting and fishing. The following documents may be obtained at the Vandenberg AFB Conservation Office.

  • 2015 Hunting area maps as of 20 June, 2015

vafb hunting map - northvafb hunting map - south
(8.4 MB each)

  • Caution: Maps online above could change without notice or be obsolete prior to webmaster's notice.
  • Conservation, Management & Enforcement Instructions (30SWI32-7001, 1 July 2009)

All hunters are required to have in possession during all hunting activities the required state and VAFB hunting privilege documentation. The district hunting parking pass must be visible on the vehicle dashboard.

California Certified Nonlead Ammo

Season Dates...

Always check the official California and Vandenberg AFB hunting regulations.

VAFB Hunting Fee must be paid with cash at the Conservation Office. ($50.00)

2016 Deer Season

Archery: 9 July - 31 July
General: 13 August - 25 September
G11: 29 August - 2 October
G11 Phase II: 19 - 27 November (buck only)

Small Game

  • Coyote, Wild Pig, Jack Rabbit, Ground Squirrel & Eurasian Collared-dove- All Year
  • Rabbit: 1 Jul 16 - 31 Jan 17
  • Raccoon: 16 Nov 16 - 31 Mar 17
  • Dove: First: 1 Sep 16 - 15 Sep 16
  • Dove Second: 12 Nov 16 - 26 Dec 16
  • Quail:  15 Oct 16 - 29 Jan 17
  • Duck & Geese: 22 Oct 16 - 29 Jan 17
  • Scaup: 5 Nov 16 - 29 Jan 17
  • Wild Turkey: Fall: 12 Nov 16 - 11 Dec 16
  • Wild Turkey: Spring: 25 Mar 17 - 30 Apr 17
  • Crow: 6 Dec 16 - 8 Apr 17

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Local area POC: Archie Mitchell, (805) 291-3279. Dates: TBA