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In charge...

Officer Wayne V. Moses
Conservation Law Enforcement Office (CLEO)
30th Security Forces Squadron/S3WS

 (805) 606-6804



0900 – 1000 hours and 1500 – 1600 hours

Located on South Dakota Ave.
( Between the theater and dental clinic.)

MAP GPS Location 34.744369,-120.540496

VAFB Hunting & Fishing Regulation

Privately Owned Firearms Directive


Here are some important notes from the 2015/16 California hunting regs:

Coming 2016—"Further phase-out of lead ammunition for hunting in California will occur on July 1, 2016, when hunters must use nonlead ammunition when hunting with shotguns for upland game birds (except for dove, quail and snipe), small game mammals, fur-bearing mammals, and nongame birds except for when hunting at licensed game bird clubs. Nonlead ammunition will also be required when taking wildlife for depredation purposes anywhere in the state. Starting on July 1, 2019 hunters must use nonlead ammunition when taking any wildlife anywhere in the state for any purpose."

Now—Title 14 CCR§475. Methods of Take for Nongame Birds and Nongame Mammals.

• (f) Methods of take within the California condor range. Except as otherwise provided, it is unlawful to use or possess projectiles containing more than one percent lead by weight while taking or attempting to take any nongame birds or nongame mammals in those areas described in Section 3004.5, Fish and Game Code. ◦ (1) For purposes of Section 475, a "projectile" is defined as any bullet, ball, sabot, slug, buckshot, shot, pellet or other device which is expelled from a firearm through a barrel by force. ◦ (2) Except as otherwise provided, it is unlawful to possess any projectile containing lead in excess of the amount permitted in subsection 475(f) and a firearm capable of firing the projectile while taking or attempting to take any nongame bird or nongame mammal within the area described in subsection 475(f). The possession of a projectile containing lead in excess of the amount allowed in subsection 475(f) without possessing a firearm capable of firing the projectile is not a violation of this section. CA

California Certified Nonlead Ammo

Urgent News...

District B4 is back open.

You know the drill. DON'T SCREW IT UP!

Recreation Closures

None known at this time.

Don't Forget...

To grab the documents you'll need for hunting and fishing. The following documents may be obtained at the Vandenberg AFB Conservation Office.

  • 2015 Hunting area maps as of 20 June, 2015

vafb hunting map - northvafb hunting map - south
(8.4 MB each)

  • Caution: Maps online above could change without notice or be obsolete prior to webmaster's notice.
  • Conservation, Management & Enforcement Instructions (30SWI32-7001, 1 July 2009)

All hunters are required to have in possession during all hunting activities the required state and VAFB hunting privilege documentation. The district hunting parking pass must be visible on the vehicle dashboard.

Hunter Town Hall Meeting Notes

Adjourned on 20 June, 2015. READ NOTES HERE

Season Dates...

Always check the official California and Vandenberg AFB hunting regulations.

VAFB Hunting Fee must be paid with cash at the Conservation Office. ($50.00)

2015 Deer Season


  • Early Archery Season: 11 July 2015 - 2 August 2015 / Tag Requirement: Zone A or Archery Only (AO)
  • General Season: 8 August 2015 - 20 September 2015 / Tag Requirement: Zone A or Archery (AO)

Zone A tags may be purchased from any authorized licensed agent that sells hunting licenses


  • 200 TAGS (sold ONLY at Vandenberg AFB, AAFES Base Exchange) G11 deer tags go on sale 1 July 2015
  • G11 SEASON: DOE ONLY - 31 August 2015 - 20 September 2015

Small Game

  • Coyote, Wild Pig, Jack Rabbit, Ground Squirrel & Eurasian Collared-dove- All Year
  • Rabbit: 1 Jul 15 - 31 Jan 16
  • Dove - First: 1 Sep 15 - 15 Sep 15
  • Dove - Second: 14 Nov 15 - 28 Dec 15
  • Quail - 17 Oct 15 - 31 Jan 16
  • Duck & Geese - 18 Oct 14 - 25 Jan 15
  • Scaup - 8 Nov 14 - 1 Feb 15
  • Wild Turkey - Fall: 14 Nov 15 - 13 Dec 15
  • Wild Turkey - Spring-Gen: 26 Mar 16 - 1 May 16
  • Crow - 5 Dec 15 - 6 Apr 16

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CA Fish and Wildlife Logo
California Hunter Education Program

VAFB Retiree Activities Center, bldg., #10364

Class fee $10, non refundable. Primarily serving active duty, retired,  DOD civilian personnel and others with access to Vandenberg AFB. Minimum 5 students. POC: Archie Mitchell, (805) 291-3279. Dates: TBA

Hunting and Fishing RV Lodge
at VAFB FamCamp

For additional details, visit this forum page.